Jason Sawyer


Jason Sawyer has been working in music for 15 years in a variety of roles. He has recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered his own electronic music (Techno, House, D&B) under the name Dialectic. He has performed original live improvised electronic music at venues including the Victoria Electronic Music Festival, Otherworld, Burn BC, Cantos Music Museum, Electronic Music Calgary, University of Calgary, Sequential Circus, Open Studios, Soda, Jungle Room, and Neptune Soundbar.  He is presently working on incorporating heavily effected  live guitar and bass looping into this project.

Jason has worked extensively as a live sound engineer for PK Sound, Shambhala Festival, Rehab nightclub, Victoria Jazz Festival, IATSE, and New Music West Festival, as well as numerous individual performers, including Wil Minbaugh, Trombone Shorty, and Diana Reeves.

He has worked as a DJ since 1986, and has recorded a wide range of musicians in a variety of studios and less conventional locations. Jason has also worked for IVL Technologies’ in house brand, Electrix, providing technical support to a range of clients including Ritchie Hawtin, David Torn, and Thomas Newman. He is currently working with PK Sound, Mount Wells Studio, and Party People Sound Solutions in Victoria.

Jason has a Masters degree in Audio Production from Westminster University, London UK, and taught the Sound Recording and the Music Industry Diploma Program at the College of North East London for 2 years. He has developed courses and guest lectures for Axe Music, Columbia College, School of Remix, Vancouver Producers Forum and Richmond Media Lab. He sits on the advisory board for the music production programme at the Pacific Design Academy, and has provided mentoring for Electronic Music Production at Prescott College in Arizona.  He now runs Dialectic Productions Inc., a Federally Incorporated company offering a range of audio production services and education to individual and corporate clients.



Kevin Cahill, House Manager



IMG_20150822_145648Starting at the age of fourteen, Kevin first worked with audio for CMT and JCC theatre groups in Ottawa. He went to Sheridan college and studied Musical Theatre, Technical Production. He has since produced professional hypnosis cd’s for Innisfree Hypnotherapy’s clients. He has also volunteered from time to time at Langham Court Theatre, since moving to Victoria. Although is the only engineer not specifically trained in recording, his vast computer and audio experience provides a thorough background required to run the studio. Kevin is going into his third year working with Mountwells Studio.