Wanted: Salespeople

We're looking for commissioned salespeople to bring in recording work and seek sponsorship for in-house productions.

For established individuals in the recording/film industry or newcomers alike.

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Record the audio and video of your performance in our isolated performance room or get everyone together in our hybrid engineering / jam space.

Perfect your mix with 255 tracks on our collaborative giant screen.

Mount Wells is purpose built for creativity!

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Voiceover / ADR / Foley

We're all ready for ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement), Foley, and Voice Over sessions.

Our spacious isolation booth and high-resolution screens let your actors rediscover all the nuance they brought to principal photography.

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Voiceover / FX

We're your animator's best friend.

Quality voice recording, sfx, and mastering. We're your only stop for immersive audio and animation.

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Original Crew Session Players

Looking for a new take? Our crew will crank your song to 11 with a custom arrangement

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